Capitol Hill

This is one of the areas of the city that travelers find most interesting for eating out, shopping, enjoying the night life, and experiencing the Seattle vibe. The neighborhood has recently become the most poplar destination for nightlife in the city; there are very few quiet weekend nights on Capitol Hill.


During the weekdays it's relatively quiet and just like any other place in the city, but on weekends it comes alive! People from all over Seattle and Seattle's suburbs head to Capitol Hill for the bars and nightlife just a few blocks from us. It's an amazing scene. There are literally thousands of people here, with the bars and restaurants packed with people eating, drinking, and having fun.


Please be aware that this is an urban environment. In our neighborhood you can expect to encounter people from all walks of life and hear noise, often late into the evening. If a silent outdoor environment is important to you, this part of Seattle may not be the best place for you to stay. That being said, St. John's is an incredible place to experience the city from, and we have security systems, triple-pane windows to reduce the street noise as well as white noise machines in the bedrooms to make sure you sleep easy.


One of the things we like most about our neighborhood is all the amazing food within walking distance of St. John's. With new places popping up and old places disappearing all the time, it can be hard to keep track! There's so much amazing food within a few blocks of our building that these are only the highlights. We encourage you to explore on your own, too!


Of course the best place to start is St. John's Bar and Eatery, downstairs. It's a great place.  Another local favorite bar is just two blocks from us on East Pine: Linda's. This is an old and funky bar, filled with character and characters. It has good food, beer and booze, a pool table and a large outside patio. People love Linda's. It's not fancy but it's a great place.


The real night life "scene" is just East of us, starting two blocks away on the corner of 10th and East Pike. On that corner are four Capitol Hill favorites: The Comet, Neumos, Poquitos and Quinns. And right next to Neumos is Moe Bar. Right next to Poquitos is Havana, another dance crazed night club you can't get into after 10 o'clock because it will be filled to capacity. Neumos, Barbosa, and the Comet have live bands. Poquitos and Quinns are just cool places to hang out. Q is also a great place to go dancing, around the corner on Broadway and Pike. There's an amazing collection of bars on 11th between E. Pike and E. Pine. Each is worth a visit if you're having a night out exploring Seattle's hot spots.


Many of our guests want to eat in the apartment for breakfast. That's part of the reason they rent a fully furnished short-term. But breakfast in the neighborhood is amazing as well. If you would like a more "Seattle breakfast" you need to go to Oddfellows Cafe. Not only is the food great but the atmosphere is very pleasant, eclectic and totally fun. Lost Lakes serves typical diner fare and has a pretty great beer selection, and the vintage vibe is spot-on. It's open 24 hours so you can check it out any time!


Seattle is known for its coffee shops, and there are many. Starbucks started here and still has a strong presence. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery just a few blocks away from us, down Pike. But coffee in Seattle is a special treat, and we encourage you to try some of the local coffee you can't find everywhere! It's a lot like wines - each winery is completely different. Our Seattle Roasters are the same way. Cafe Vita is right up the street from us, and they're coffee is so good it's also served at our St. John's Bar and Eatery. It's smooth and has a deep flavor. Very rewarding. Victrola Coffee Roasters is a few blocks further towards downtown. It's another unique place with a special roasting technique, making a completely different coffee than anyone else.


The QFC grocery store is directly across the street from us. It's a big store and has a great selection of fresh produce, a deli area, your standard grocery foods, beer and wine and hard alcohol. We provide a QFC Member discount card on your key ring so you get the insider pricing when you shop there. Plus they are open 24 hours a day!


Three blocks away is the Elliott Bay Book Co., Seattle's oldest independent bookstore. They have a great selection in a very cool space. There's everything you could want there including of course books, also maps and travel guides. They don't have music however, that's left to Everyday Music, which is across the street.


Perhaps you just want to take a walk in the Park? Seattle has quite a few. The closest is Cal Anderson Park, which is three blocks from us. It's a big park with a great kids play area, plus a running track, baseball field, giant volcano fountain, and several tennis courts. It's just across the street from Elliott Bay Book Co.


There are many other great parks! There's a sculpture park down by the waterfront that's free and run by the Seattle Art Museum. There are also giant parks where you really feel away from the city, like Discovery Park or Seward Park, which you'll need a car to get to.


725 East Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98122