St. John's is owned by Oda Egeland, and staffed by two full-time employees: Bryce Montgomery, the Short Term Rentals Manager, and Johnny Sidorowicz, the live-in building Manager. We also employ a number of people to help keep our building looking great.


St. John's was built in 1905 as a working man's apartment building during one of Seattle's boom times when there was a real need for inexpensive housing, not unlike today. Capitol Hill was outside of downtown, where the rich still had their mansions. St. John's had 20 studio apartments that shared six bathrooms "down the hall." There were also 10 one bedroom apartments. Downstairs were a variety of retail stores, perhaps 40 different businesses over the years. Oda and her husband Mark bought the building in 2005, they then began a three year remodeling project. They eliminated all the hall bathrooms and reduced the number of apartments to 23, combining several units to make large one and two bedroom apartments.



Since we've had the building the commercial spaces have all been remodeled as well as the upstairs apartments. We have four commercial spaces: St. John's Bar & Eatery, Auytthaya Thai Restaurant (which has been in business for over 20 years), a great sandwich shop called The Other Coast Cafe, and a hair salon called BANG.


725 East Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98122